R&D Capabilities

Our R&D Capabilities

We use state-of-the-art production equipment in our manufacturing process

Advanced in-house capability of rapid designing, prototyping, manufacturing & assembling allow us to act with quick response and turnaround, to customers requests.

We have more than 75 years of experience in the NDE field and an in deep knowledge of how to develop NDE equipment and perform successful NDE operations.

Our expertise spans all aspects of remote and mechanized inspections, from problem analysis/ solutions generation to development and manufacturing of advanced robotics and custom designed UT and ET probes.

As a complement to our experience and know how we see advanced in-house capability of rapid prototyping, manufacturing and assembling as a very essential part in order to allow us to act with quick response and turnaround, to customer requests, hence we have invested in the latest manufacturing and prototyping technologies and are continuously monitoring how the technology develops.

Our strengths are:

  • We provide and develop products and services thru extensive NDE experience and expertise in close cooperation with our customers and knowledge of their local culture as well as understanding of regulatory requirements
  • Our significant capabilities in the NDE inspections fields relating to Ultrasonic, Visual, Eddy Current, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant and X-ray technologies
  • In-house capability to develop, design and manufacture measurement devices, systems and components, ranging from custom multifunctional miniature probes (UT/ET) to highly specialized manipulators and robotic systems
  • Advanced in-house capability of rapid prototyping & manufacturing allow us to act with quick response and turnaround, to customer demands
  • Extensive software development expertise for both integral parts of the control systems as well as stand-alone applications
  • Project management capability for advanced engineering and development projects. All project managers have an extensive engineering background and years of experience in the NDE/NDT business
  • Access to Westinghouse and Toshiba technologies and products

Our well equipped Probe laboratory 

In-house 3D-printer for effective prototyping. To the left in the small picture you see the prototype and to the right
the finished product

Analysis of Ultrasonic testing (UT) data