3D Surface Measurement

3D Surface Measurement

WesDyne Sweden has extensive knowledge of three-dimensional (3D) measurement and inspection of components in the nuclear industry. Using internally developed equipment as well as customized field-ready scanners we have developed methods and algorithms for data collection and evaluation.

3D imaging is a very accurate method for collecting data on a certain components actual dimensions, instead of relying on as-built drawings which may or may not be representative of the actual geometry.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Accurate measurement tool; even for complex/ variable surfaces
  • Covers smaller and larger volumes, without tooling re-design
  • Allows for rapid CAD-modelling of object being measured - useful for applied tooling design (such as EDM-/repair tools)
  • Cycle-to-cycle characterization and tracking indications
  • Model and track component degradation over time using comparative software

Newton Labs NM200UW Nuclear Underwater Laser Scanner developed in partnership with Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

In cooperation with Westinghouse Engineering Services we have access to field-ready 3D Laser Scanner equipment that can easily be deployed in nuclear power stations with a minimum of preparation and set-up time. The scanner has the following abilities: 

  • Operates under water in depth of up to 30 meters
  • Operates in radiological conditions typical of a Boiling Water Reactor annulus
  • Takes critical dimensions that are accurate to within 0.127 mm
  • Constructs composite models of vessel components
  • Deploys in the field in very short time
  • Requires minimal processing time

WesDyne Sweden also entertains a 3D printer, capable of producing free-formed plastic models made from 3D geometry files (i.e. 3D CAD data) and in conjunction with the 3D Laser Scanner we are able to produce highly accurate plastic replicas of areas measured with the 3D Laser Scanner. 

Our in-house 3D printer and an example of produced

prototype in comparison with the final product 

This ability greatly increase our abilities to measure difficult geometries, as required when for instance designing mockups. Traditionally, mockups to test equipment on were designed from available as-built drawings, sometimes complemented with measurements taken during a walk-down, and the equivalency between the mockup and reality was sometimes questioned. Now, with the 3D Laser Scanning and 3D printing abilities, it’s possible to accurately produce scale 1:1 replicas of critical areas that are of interest.

Top - An underwater scan of bolt assembly
Bottom - Same bolt as a fully-measurable CAD file

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