Visual Testing (VT)

Visual Testing (VT)

WesDyne Sweden has long experience of Visual Inspection/Testing (VT) in Nuclear Power Plants; both Boiling Water Reactors (BWR) and Pressure Water Reactors (PWR). WesDyne Sweden routinely performs virtually all kinds of visual inspections in the Reactor Pressure Vessel and of internal components.

In addition to standard, non-qualified, visual inspections, WesDyne Sweden has developed and qualified a generic visual inspection procedure: VT01.

The VT-01 procedure encompasses detection, measurement and position information for surface breaking cracks. The procedure has been developed during a time frame of five years, in close collaboration with the Swedish nuclear industry and power plants.

The VT-01 procedure allows for reliable detection of cracks down to a width of 20 µm and a length of ≥5 mm.

WesDyne Sweden entertains a large amount of qualified camera systems and tools for different inspection applications. Laser modules are commonly used for providing references in order to size and measure foreign objects and indications.

Camera handling and positioning can be performed either manually using handling poles from the service-/auxiliary bridge or from mechanized platforms, depending on needs.

Should a detected indication need characterization (i.e. scratch or crack) and/or sizing; methods such as Eddy Current or the WesDyne Sweden Replica technique A-VT can be applied.