Custom NDE Probes

Custom NDE Probes


WesDyne Sweden is proud to have its own Probe Lab. Here are custom multifunctional UT and ET probes developed and manufactured.

Our unique in-house capability to design and manufacture advanced and highly customized UT & ET probes, in combination with our developer’s field experience, has often shown to be one essential key factor for providing the service our customers needs and ask for.

WesDyne Sweden has a long tradition of designing and manufacturing ultrasonic (UT) and Eddy Current (ET) probes. Our very first UT probe was made as early as in 1945. At first probes were mainly done to support our own inspection activities but during the last 15 years the business has grown and today we supply advanced custom designed probes all over the world.

Our Probe Laboratory design probes for all kind of applications where standard probes doesn’t work or fit.


Our speciality is miniature probes with a combination of several sensors suited to work under conditions with difficult geometries and limited access. Our product line is specialized for small volume manufacturing and short lead time from idea to product which is one of our distinguishing marks.

Close cooperation with our customers and our manipulator designers is natural for us.

All of our development engineers and technicians have experience from the field which they use and incorporate into the probe design and they all are certified according to SS-EN ISO 9712/Nordtest at level 1, 2 or 3.


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BMI probe. A Ø15.3 mm bore probe with several different transducers; ET, TOFD and
UT 45" 0"

Blade probe for narrow spaces. 2mm in thickness with 4 different UT and EC sensors

Top pic. Baffle bolt probe

Bottom pic. Fuel aligment probe Ø5.6mm with two ange UT probes

Our Probe Lab

Flexible TOFD

Flexible ET Array x64

ET array run on J-groove

Spring loaded ECT probes for J-groove welds

Ø5.6 mm FAP UT probe with 2 sensors for inspection of Fuel Alignment Pins

Ø15.6 mm Vent Line UT & ET probes

One good example of custom probes designed for a specific purpose is our blade probes. Our blade probes are designed for Reactor Vessel Head Penetration (RVHP) inspections which have very narrow gaps. The probes are designed to fit the nominal entrance gap of only 3 mm and due to the funnel of the thermal sleeves, which prevents straight entrance; thet are mounted on a=1 meter long flexible blade ("sword"). The blade has a canal for signal wires and water couplant. The overall thickness of common blade probes is less than 2.2 mm however we have done probes (with TOFD and EC) with a thickness of less than 1.3 mm.

One of our latest blade probes is the Combo Q4 which is a multifunctional probe. Thanks to its configuration, four different examinations can be conducted simultaneously. Sensor configuration of Combo Q4:



  • UT Axial TOFD
  • UT Circumferential TOFD
  • UT Zero degree
  • ET X-coil (optional)



The Combo Q4 blade probe