Sample Drilling Robot System

Sample Drilling Robot System

The sample drilling robot system is the perfect tool for safe, easy and efficient sample taking of cladding in the reactor vessel.

The system consist of two units. The T-crawler and the sampling tool equipped with a revolver magazine loaded with drill cartridges. 

The system is moved to an area to be examined using a waterjet system. The entire operation its controlled by an advance computer system allowing the operator to see the robot graphically in 3D.

The waterjet system presses the robot against the wall of the vessel and then fixate itself firmly using powerful suction cups.

When the desired position is reached an unused cartidge is selected and pressed against the surface and then filled with unhardened polymer resin. The drilling begins and grinds the cladding into particles that became stucked in the polymer resin. This method effectively eliminates the risk for particles leaking out into the water. 

After drilling the procedure stops allowing the polymer resin to harden. The robot can then be moved to other positions to collect more samples.

Upon retrieval the particles are easily separated by heating. They can then be sent away for further analysis.

For more information watch the video below.