Conical Core Detector - ConCorDe

The Conical Core Detector (ConCorDe) is a customized inspection manipulator designed for Ultrasonic (UT) and Eddy Current (ET/EC) inspection of the Core Shroud Support.  

The manipulator stands on wheels in the bottom of the annulus and clamps against a flange on the core shroud. By alternatively clamping and releasing two different sets of clamps, the manipulator is moved circumferentially around the vessel.

The Oskarshamn Unit 2 core shroud support features a large number of welds, both vertical and circumferential. A bolted flange design, along with specimen holders and other obstructions higher up in the vessel, make for a challenging inspection environment that requires a high level of customization of the manipulator and probe assemblies in order to achieve the required weld coverage.

Two separate end effectors, with individual electrical

vertical and radial motions, are used to carry a large number of probes (total 14 different UT and ET/EC) probes) over the inspection areas. 

All motions are indexed and position is fed back to the control system which allows for very high accuracy and repeatability when inspecting the shroud. By use of revolutionary small sized resolvers, all electrical motions are radiation resistant to a very high degree. 

Global position in the vessel is determined and verified using on-board laser aiming systems in conjunction with WesDyne custom designed miniature surveillance cameras. 

Customized lifting tools allows for insertion and retrieval of the manipulator in a very rapid manner, minimizing the need for the Refuel Machine or Auxiliary Bridge during the inspection.