Standalone Visual Inspection Platform - S.V.I.P.

The WesDyne Standalone Visual Inspection Platform (S.V.I.P.) is a mechanized tool for performing Visual Inspections (VT) of internal components/objects in nuclear power plants.

The stand-alone capability makes it minimally dependent of lifting and positioning devices (such as service bridges and cranes) during the inspection progress; making parallel outage activities possible. By allowing for parallel

S.V.I.P. on top of Steam Separators

activities in the vessel during visual inspection (VT) of internals, there is a significant potential for reducing the “critical-path” time during an outage.  The S.V.I.P. is placed in position either on top of the object to be inspected or beneath it. Depending on the type of object to be inspected (Steam Dryer, Shroud Head etc.) the bottom plate on the equipment is configured differently for easy application and secure positioning.

The base S.V.I.P. design is capable of motion along three axis’s; rotation around a central (vertical) axis, linear movement along a radial axis and vertical movement (upwards/downwards) of the inspection equipment (cameras etc.). Additional motions can be added depending on requirements.

A high degree of documentation and inspection precision is possible due to the positioning feedback available from the mechanized movements used for positioning of the inspections devices (i.e. cameras). The S.V.I.P. is able to carry VT-01 qualified camera systems for qualified VT ISIs.

The S.V.I.P. has also been adapted for Core Basket inspection in the Loviisa VVER-model reactors, an extremely challenging environment given the very high radiation levels.

S.V.I.P. beneath Steam Separators